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  Zhongshan City Huizhong Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd., is a professional production and sales of powder metallurgy parts accessories as the main body of the industrial plant. Formerly: Zhongshan Dongsheng Town Huizhong Precision Hardware Products Factory. Located in the economic prosperity, manufacturing developed, convenient transportation of the Pearl River Delta hinterland, Zhongshan City, Dongsheng town. Enjoy the reputation of the four dragons in Guangdong Zhongshan City, outstanding people, both the forefront of reform and opening up the city, but also China livable city. At the same time complete industrial facilities, government functions clear, for the parties to create favorable conditions for investment. Based on this favorable environment, the company in November 2007 to set up factories.
  Into the forefront of the trend of reform for the economic and social development of a force, but also through the stable development of the brand in June 2011 to upgrade to: Zhongshan City Huizhong Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd.. Rooted in this piece of land, adhering to the "win-win cooperation, sustainable development" business philosophy, with the cooperation of customers together, common advance and retreat. Through unremitting efforts, the original semi-automatic equipment to a comprehensive update for the automation equipment to enhance the first-line production efficiency, not on time delivery to provide protection. To ensure the supply at the same time, more comprehensive import ISO international quality management system, together with the trainer, improve the team and the functional departments do their best to perform their duties, the establishment of a comprehensive quality control mechanism. For further stable development to provide a solid quality management foundation. More advocate "full efforts to 100% pass rate of quality as the goal", so that "quality is the life of the enterprise," the quality of consciousness in every heart of the crowd, so that each sink people understand that we are producers, but also Consumers, there is no quality there is no market, leaving Huizhong manufacturing upgrade for the Huizhongzhi made a powder metallurgy professional market leader.
  The company adhering to the "stable pursuit of perfection, innovation and development" and the development concept, in the stability of seeking perfection, bad change, so that the new management concept into the front line management team, the establishment of difficult to solve the problem, for some special product structure, Brainstorming, integrated team wisdom, to provide qualified products, and the formation of the future tracking mechanism, in close cooperation with customer needs, allowing users to be satisfied.
  Looking to the future, we are full of confidence, to the root industry 25 years of experience to the crowd of courage and courage to work hard, prudent, do not forget the beginning of the heart, to pragmatic spirit of innovation to win a broad market, and colleagues together, For the Chinese powder metallurgy professional and technical crown of the world out of a force!