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Present Situation and Development Prospect of Powder Metallurgy

Industry Information
2017/09/25 17:33
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China's powder metallurgy industry has been nearly 10 years of rapid development, but with the foreign industry there are still the following aspects of the gap: (1) enterprises, small size, economic 
China's powder metallurgy industry has been nearly 10 years of rapid development, but with the foreign industry there are still the following aspects of the gap: (1) enterprises, small size, economic efficiency and foreign companies are very different. (2) product cross, enterprises lower prices, competition is fierce. (3) the lack of technical support for most enterprises, backward research and development capabilities, low-grade products, it is difficult to compete with foreign countries. (4) re-investment and lack of trouble. Add (5) process equipment, supporting facilities behind. (6) less export products, poor trade channels.
With China's accession to the WTO, the above shortcomings and weaknesses will improve, this is because after joining the WTO, the market gradually international, powder metallurgy market will be further expanded opportunities; and at the same time with foreign capital and technology access, powder metallurgy And related technical level will also be improved and developed.
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