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2018 Powder Injection Forming Technology(MIM Processing) Helps Huawei Mate20 Three-shot four-hole lens

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2018/11/29 11:26
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Huike New Materials Co. Ltd., Powder Injection Forming Technology(MIM Processing)

Since 2017, mobile phone full screen has become an essential feature of high-end and thousand-Yuan smart phones. This year, not only major mobile phone manufacturers are competing for success in smart phones, but mobile phone cameras are also constantly innovating. Mobile phone cameras are becoming multi-functional and professional. Dual, three and four cameras are slowly applied to smart phones. In particular, Huawei Mate20 series, three photographs and four holes, pioneered smartphones, and the spirit of innovation is worth remembering.

Huawei Mate 20 series of three-camera four-hole bathroom hegemony uses matrix multi-focal imaging system, which originates from "Eye of Super Running". This design pioneered the arrangement of cameras. Surface is a simple arrangement, but there are very high requirements for industrial design, stacking structure, technology. Huawei Mate 20's three-camera four-hole bathroom hegemony structure guides the development trend of camera structure. Huike New Materials Co., Ltd. once again ushered in opportunities and innovations.

Mobile phones move toward multi-lens module, which combines lens, sensor, LED flash and other components firmly and safely, thanks to the camera support processed by MIM. The multi-camera lens means that the support of the camera ring becomes thinner and more complex, and the requirements of wall thickness, flatness and contour of the product are higher. MIM has unique advantages in processing near net forming parts with complex geometry, uniform structure and excellent performance.

First: What is Powder Metallurgy Injection Molding (mim)
Powder Injection Molding (MIM) in Huike New Material Co., Ltd. is a near net environmental protection forming process, which uses metal powder as raw material and uses "forming + sintering" to produce complex parts at low cost.
2. What are the advantages of MIM powder injection moulding technology?
1: Provide solutions to complex three-dimensional shape requirements
The process adopts the principle of injection moulding and can produce metal products with complex shapes.
2: High efficient production capacity
The process die can be designed into one module, multi hole, fully automatic production, which can meet the production capacity requirement of the precision metal parts.
3: Good surface and mechanical properties
Because of its high compactness, the process can reach more than 95% of the theoretical density. It can meet the requirements of high strength, high toughness, high hardness and high wear resistance of the product. The surface can be polished by mirror.
4: application universality
The process is widely used in consumer electronics, automotive parts, medical devices, optical communications, locks and other fields.
According to the current development direction of the mobile phone circle, the future mobile phone may be like this - "the front is full of screens, the back is full of cameras"! Metal powder injection moulding (MIM), as one of the important precision parts forming processes, plays an important role in the development of camera support. Apple as a 3C industry MIM processing gold digger (Cato, camera bracket, IO, etc.), in the next generation of the iPhone will also have matrix cameras.
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